SWALife offers a fun and interactive way to complete tasks as a Southwest Airlines Provisioning agent or manager. Read news, access forms or complete daily reports easily with the new Provisioning web page.

User Experience Design / Web Interface Design

About the project

SWALife Provisioning is the online resource for Provisioning employees of Southwest Airlines. You know, the people who restock the planes. The site is accessed by thousands of employees on a daily basis. SWALife provides access to company news, safety training manuals, and work-related forms. During my internship I restructured this page, and also created videos for the Flight Attendants to watch, wrote news items and informational items, and designed presentations that were viewed by the CEO, executive office, senior managers and over 11,000 flight attendants. It was a great experience to create communications and have them viewed by such a large audience. 

My role

During my internship, I worked closely with the Communications department in structuring the site on a tight schedule. I designed a new website with better usability and intuitive interfaces.

Base Safety Ranking

The culture is competitive — so I created the Base Safety Ranking. With this, Provisioning Employees strived to earn a better ranking in safety and time efficiency.


I noticed employees had trouble finding the internal company publications, so I created icons for direct access from the front page.

Irregularity Report

Provisioning employees are always on the go. Having the irregularity report information on the page makes it easy for the employees to complete and access forms.

Interactive Maps

I created these interactive maps for the page. Employees can view the Provisioning outstations and locations by regional area.